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Electrolux Mobile Induction Heat Plate: smart future concept

Posted 2012-01-02 by Gloria   |   Category Concept future, View-2339 Comments 3

Place the heat plate wherever you want and pair it with your smartphone to gain a child safe remote control. This smart induction hot plate is a compact solution for those on the go. The smartphone app is designed to be used with intelligent food packaging where NFC-tags provide instructions on how to heat the food properly.

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Unique usb shaver

Posted 2012-01-01 by Gloria   |   Category Concept future, View-1082 Comments 0

Nowadays there is a lot of competition for jobs. Men should always to be punctual and to have a good look in the hustle and le of the city office. That?s why the micro shaver was designed. This shaver saves time and enables men always to have a good ook. It charges via USB which has the leather trap.Thestrap prevents the shaver from blocking the other USb ports.

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Phone Concept- LG/be !

Posted 2012-01-01 by lqabsbeyca   |   Category Technology devices, View-645 Comments 1

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TouchFire: silicone screen-top keyboard for iPad

Posted 2011-12-27 by Gloria   |   Category Technology devices, View-7338 Comments 0

Along with Seattle product designer and mechanical engineer Brad Melmon, Steve Isaac has designed a transparent, flexible faux keyboard that lays on top of the iPad?s virtual keyboard to give users the familiar feel of notebook-like raised keys. Made from transparent silicone, the TouchFire keyboard is placed flat on the iPad?s screen and lines up with the tablet?s virtual keyboard in landscape mode.

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The opportunity of real communication in the future

Posted 2011-12-26 by Joni   |   Category Concept future, View-1138 Comments 0

Today?s society has a deficit of real communication between people.Most young people prefer to spend their time and communicate with friends in sociale networks rather then being with them physically.This phenomenon restricts the movement of people in real life and promotes an unhealthy lifestyle.The FindeR Communication System was designed by Oscar Santamaria to decide this problem. This concept uses the current notions of online social networking to bring people together in real life.

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